CHRVA Information

You must register with CHRVA before participating in any practice or tryouts.  You may opt for a one event membership for $20, which will cover tryouts, then upgrade to full membership with St Mary's County Juniors Volleyball Club if selected to a team. 


One Event Membership - needed for tryouts

To register with CHRVA for tryouts, choose "Junior Tryout - 10 days."  You must get to the point where your CHRVA card is generated, if you don't see a card, keep going! Your CHRVA number (e.g. CH0000000FJ20) will be needed in Step 2 of Tryouts Registration.


Full Season Membership - needed once on a team


If you are selected for a team, you will need to log back in and upgrade to the full season (additional $30) and select St Mary's County Juniors Volleyball. 


Select the following link to the CHRVA website to register.


Among other benefits, a CHRVA member is covered under the USA Volleyball insurance policy in the event of an accident at any CHRVA sanctioned event.

St. Mary's County Maryland

 click logo to register for CHRVA
click logo to register for CHRVA