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Completing Junior Scorer/Ref Certification Steps

This information will assist junior players, junior coaches and parents (team representatives, chaperones, etc.) who will be performing officiating duties during the team work assignment at a tournament. For those junior players, coaches and parents who would like to be certified during the current volleyball season, there are a few main steps:

1. Register as a member of CHRVA
2. Register for the Referee/Scorer Certification Clinics (if necessary)
3. Complete all required modules via USA Volleyball Academy
4. Obtain and submit the required evaluations/ratings by the deadline

Accessing and Completing the Training

The training must be done through the SportsEngine website (not available on the SE Mobile app).  All training and modules can be accessed via the USA Volleyball Academy site. To access the site from SportsEngine:
1. Login to the SportsEngine account where the USAV/CHRVA membership is located.
2. In the column on the left, click on “Household”

3. Click on the “View Profile” link on the tile with the desired name on it

4. Locate the USA Volleyball membership tile on the right and click on “View Details”

5. Click on the USAV Academy button

A new tab in the browser will be opened and you will be automatically logged into your USAV Academy
account.  Once logged into the USAV Academy site, registering for training can be done via the Content Library.

6. Click on “Content Library” to view the available courses.

7.  Click on the desired course to open and click “Start this course” to register.

• To certify as both a Junior Referee and Scorer, choose "CH23_105 Junior Referee Level 1 and Junior Scorer (Combined)" training course
• To certify as Junior Scorer only, chooose "CH23_101 Junior Scorer Training" course
• If you want to learn the duties of the work team but are not interested in certification, choose "CH23_104 Junior Work Team Training..." course

Junior club coaches, players and parents who will only be involved with working the team work assignments during a tournament should register for the Junior level courses ONLY. (DO NOT register for the Adult Provisional training unless you are attempting to become a certified official who will be working Junior and/or Adult tournaments for pay in the region.)

8.  Once registered for the training, the course can be completed from your Enrollments (Dashboard). Click on the name of the desired course. The course contains multiple modules that cover the necessary topics for the certification. It also includes modules that allow for the payment of the Referee/Scorer Admin fee and the upload of the scorer and referee evaluation forms. NOTE: The fee only needs to be paid ONCE.

To navigate through the content of each module, use the “Prev” and “Next” buttons

Some modules may contain a quiz that allows you to check your knowledge. If the specified number of correct responses is received, you can bypass some of the course content. There is still an option to view all content if necessary.
At the end of a module, the next module can be accessed by clicking the “NEXT MODULE” button. To exit the course, click the “EXIT” button.
***Note that you must complete ALL modules to complete the course. A certificate of completion will only become available after ALL modules have been done. ****